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Marco Zito

Marco Zito

Marco Zito is an associate professor of industrial product design at the IUAV University in Venice. An architect, he earned his degree with Vittorio Gregotti and Bernardo Secchi and works with design on varying scales. His ‘first steps’ in industrial design began in Murano, in the area of glass blowing with Salviati glass manufacturing.
His design research circulates within the possibilities of addressing different topics, technologies and product types, from the experience of Olivetti to interface design to consulting and long-term partnerships with companies like Agape, Viabizzuno, Salviati and the Danieli group.
He has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with the Danieli group, for which he has designed manufacturing tools, interfaces, factories and schools.
Venice, where his studio is located, provides a boundless source of inspiration for his designs, from a tiny glass vase to large-scale architecture.


Designed by Marco Zito for Pieces of Venice

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